VATSURE offers unprecedented independence and security of data




Fast Data Analysis

VATSURE sets the benchmark for incredible data processing speed and provides immediate insight into your organisations most critical databases, helping you complete time-consuming data analysis tasks.

Easy Integration & Increased Security

VATSURE offers unprecedented independence and security of data with the ability to merge various systems including corporate ERP packages into a single data source for analysis.

Reconciliation & Reporting

VATSURE helps you provide faster reconciliation and accurate reporting of information that is required for various compulsory SARS submissions such as the VAT201.

Improved Transparency & Visibility

With VATSURE, results and findings are easily shared with key stakeholders across the organisation through attractive and easy to understand dashboards.

Routine Automation

Routine data analytics are able to be performed on an automated schedule that spans daily, weekly, monthly or annually to meet your organisations requirements.

Increased Accuracy

VATSURE provides automatic alerts to possible processing errors or internal control failures in the financial or ERP system to enable faster remediation.
SARS regulatory and compliance requirements
VATSURE is a smoother, easier way of getting accurate figures to complete your VAT201.

Company Overview

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Through a combination of world class data analytic software and expert content, the VATSURE team assists organisations to identify and mitigate risks within the VAT environment whist protecting revenue and accelerating efficiencies.

VATSURE data analytic technology allows those responsible for VAT submissions to the South African Revenue Service (SARS), to automate time consuming manual tasks associated with VAT calculations and submissions. The built in controls oversee the accuracy of the master data that related to VAT set up and the ERP environment of the organisation and ensures that all relevant compliance checks are done on a monthly basis prior to the submission of the VAT return.


Our Testimonials

Leading South African Retailer
Leading South African Retailer The VATSURE team spent many hours with us to understand our tax environment & correctly map our data. They gave us confidence & allowed us to improved existing controls & processes.

Technology is key to effective VAT management