What is VATSURE?

July, 2018 No Comments News

There are few things as important to a Chief Financial Officer or Tax Manager as reliable and accurate data. It’s what keeps the business moving onwards and upwards into risk free profits and greater growth. As the South African Revenue Service explores compulsory requirements for VAT submissions and audits, finance teams may find themselves sinking deeper and deeper into the ever-growing pit of data their businesses produce. To make it even worse, SARS are avidly adopting data analytics in-house which specifically target indirect tax risk indicators. The result? Penalties. All of which is avoidable with the correct solution in hand, which is where VATSURE comes in.


Reconciliation & Reporting

VATSURE enables the reconciliation and reporting of information required for various compulsory SARS returns such as the VAT201.

Easy Integration & Increased Security

Built on the world-leading data analytics platform ACL, VATSURE offers unprecedented independence and security of data with the ability to merge various systems, including corporate ERP (enterprise resource planning) packages into a single data source for analysis.

The 4 step approach to VAT accuracy and VAT Assurance

Increased Accuracy

VATSURE provides alerts to possible processing errors or internal control failures within the financial or ERP system.

Improved Transparency & Visibility

At VATSURE we easily allow the sharing of results and findings with key stakeholders across the organisation through attractive, easy to understand dashboards.

Fast Data Analysis

VATSURE sets the benchmark for incredible data processing speed and provides immediate insight into your organisations most critical databases, helping you complete time-consuming data analysis tasks.

Routine Automation

VATSURE performs data analytics on an automated schedule that spans daily, weekly, monthly or annually to help you.

The 4 step approach to VAT accuracy and VAT Assurance