Trade Tax Plus, free with VATSURE

August, 2018 No Comments News

TradeTaxPlus, Centre of Excellence was founded to address four major challenges in the tax consulting environment:

  • utilisation of the knowledge and experience of seasoned tax professionals
  • use of technology to enhance efficiency and connectivity
  • supply of top quality technical support at affordable prices
  • adoption of a community approach amongst tax professionals

TradeTaxPlus offers a subscription-based online consulting service that will redefine how technical tax consulting is handled in the future.

What is TradeTaxPlus online consulting?

The TradeTaxPlus online consulting tool is a subscription service that provides subscribers access to a knowledge base containing a vast number of tax opinions and other research material. It also gives you direct access to recognised tax professionals on a ticketing system that will answer your questions with very short turnaround period. The purpose of TradeTaxPlus is not necessarily to replace existing tax consulting arrangements but to provide a powerful tool to makes sure that you ask the right questions to avoid unnecessary costs and inefficiencies. It is also possible to use the platform to prepare draft opinions that are then only reviewed by the tax professional of your choice. No matter how you use it, it adds value to your business through affordability, efficiency and convenience.

Why should you choose TradeTaxPlus?

Affordable, efficient, convenient. TradeTaxPlus also provides you with a comprehensive suite of opinions and other research material. This allows you to do your own research and helps you remain on top of the latest developments in the field of tax. If you need to pose a question on the ticketing system you will have a professional opinion, referencing all the important sections of the relevant legislation and any other important reference points within 5 days.

How does it work?

As a subscriber, and user of VATSURE, you automatically get free access to the common pool of knowledge in the platform that has been collected over the years. You can login at any time and search the extensive database to get the answer to your questions or concerns. If your specific VAT question is not addressed, you can then contact the consultants at TradeTaxPlus who will be able to provide you with a quotation for consulting services or a technical answer to your query. Once answered, the question you raised is then added to the common knowledge bases to ensure that it constantly grows and keeps up with current legislation.


An annual subscription fee is payable for access to the Knowledge Base, but as a VATSURE client you get free access to the full knowledge base. However separate quotes will be provided for issue raised through the ticketing service with costing based on the complexity of the question. The cost per question is without exception significantly lower than the cost of traditional methods of consulting due to the efficiencies built into the system